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Pilot of the Month April 2014

MYA31 Keith Simmonds
A Big Well done, Keith for plodding on through thick and thin good landings and bad ones, Keith has been with Myair since the beginning and has kept our maintenance crew very busy with reports of faulty speed gauges and of course the mandatory gear replacement. Keith is diverse in his flying and never seems to amaze us with his unique jump in a fly attitude towards aircraft. Well done Keith.


 Submitted By  Date Posted  Subject
Andy King 2014-04-12 07:18:32 VRoute
Andy King 2014-04-09 04:41:52 VATSIM ID
Simon Newman 2014-02-05 05:11:52 MYACARS (05/02/14)
Simon Newman 2014-02-02 04:16:47 URGENT
Nick Musto 2014-01-12 15:58:27 Schedule Flights

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VATSIM Group Flight

Posted by Andy King on 09/04/2014

Thursday 10th April - 20.00hrs Push Back

Our usual group flight will take place on the VATSIM network.

Flight details are available from the usual places ;-)

Nick will be online from 6pm to help members that need final tweeking for thier connection to the VATSIM network or any other help needed.


Can we ask that all members, that have not done so already, to add their VATSIM ID to your 'Profile'.

Monthly Update **03/04/14**

Posted by Simon Newman on 01/04/2014

Well Crew, it's that time of the month where we announce the pilot of the Month as well as the wooden spoon award and then end up with a brief roundup.

Well its a simple one this month. We have three new names on the award winners board and at least one of the winners is a shocker to some:P.

Once again we have over 200 flights throughout the month March and since January just short of 1000, aircraft miles are creeping up and the B777 sharing first place with the A330. Other aircraft in the top 10 include the Dash 8, B738 and the B757.

We have had some funny landing rates such as an aircraft that can touch down whilst still climbing :S.

This is the last month we will accept and award these results in the top 10, and on this basis we will share the award with both Claudio and Dave, However Dave has another award this month and this is the award i am sure he will brag about the most.

Keep up the good work, Guys

Winner of the awards goto :

Screen shot Competition (Theme was Landing Aircraft)

Winner - Patrick Cole

Greased Landing

DISQ - Claudio (+67ft/min) refused to accept the award as was a Bumpy landing (thanks for Honesty)

1st - Dave (- 20ft/min)

2nd - Keith (- 22ft/min)

3rd - Chris ( -42ft/min)

And finally Most Spectacular Crash Award

Goes to Captain Dave Taylor with a feathering of a touch down rate ( -2547ft/min) but don't tell too many people :P

However on a final note a big shout goes to Nick Musto for clocking up hours more than almost possible and more than likely single handedly clocking up over 100 hours in 30 flights and placing the 777 at the shared top position, however if he was a real pilot we would have ensured the B777 was top :P

Well done Nick.


Posted by Simon Newman on 18/03/2014

Guys n Gals, 

So you are aware, all aircraft for the rest of March are heavily discounted so now is your time to purchase some of these magnificant repaints.


Posted by Nick Musto on 10/03/2014

Guy's can you remember when doing a FREEFLIGHT, BULLSEYE, TRIANGLE  flight to leave airport codes and aircraft info in comments box, if you dont we cant accept your pireps!!

New Items

Posted by Simon Newman on 06/03/2014

Just a quick Notice to let everybody know that several new items have been added to the rewards section.

Namely a A322(Complete Project Airbus Arcraft) as wella s some fun items like downloadable cars and a couple of highly popular cabin crerw upgrades.Just because the rock cakes havent been changed doesnt mean that they are stale,

Daves Dolly's Rock Cakes are hot out the oven everyday.

grab them while there fresh NORMALLY around 19:00 Just in time for the nights flight.

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